Professional legal assistance in case of an accident.


With our advantage, we chose a narrow specialization in the field of accidents. As a surgeon for heart surgery, we are lawyers in road traffic accidents.


The lawyers of the Bureau know all the specifics of the investigation of road accidents. We have consultants from different spheres. Therefore, if necessary, we create a team of the best specialists, for example, medicine or vehicles.


Confidentiality and the secret of the client is the basis of the work of the Law Office. We respond with respect to personal information and non-disclosure of cases has no statute of limitations.


Therefore, we are advised to friends and acquaintances, and if you are now on our site - then you already know about the Law Office.


Times change. Professionalism and love of their work remains.

Narrow specialization

Cases of traffic accidents and disputes associated with them require not only legal, but also a variety of specific knowledge in the field of mechanics, dynamics, physics and others. Therefore, the assistance of a lawyer in an accident is beyond the scope of ordinary jurisprudence.

Individual strategy

In all cases, the Bureau develops an individual action plan, corresponding to the complexity and specifics.


In addition to attorneys, experts in medicine, automotive engineering, tracology, chemistry, commodity science and other fields are also involved in the construction of a defense line in each case. The composition of the group is formed depending on the complexity of the case.